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My First Blog Entry

Writing a blog always seemed like such a mystery to me. But here I am writing my very first blog. The hardest part was finding a name for the blog. Everything I chose was already taken. Finally I found something nobody else seemed to want - so it's mine - Maddy Writes Romance. This is a big step for me the way finding a publisher for my contemporary romantic comedy, "A Total Mismatch" was a major step. Soul Mate Publishing released my full- length novel last week and I'm still excited at the thought of having my e book on Amazon. I put the first chapter of the book on my web site which I think worked out well. From the comments I've heard, readers were intrigued by the characters - Samantha Peabody and Jordan Hart - and wanted to read more about their wild courtship adventures. To help market the book I had postcard size illustrations of the cover printed with information about the book on the other side. I'm also using Facebook to promote sales. We'll see

Work-In-Progress Report

It's been a while since I've written anything in my blog. Lots of things have happened such as my contemporary romantic comedy, A Total Mismatch - going into print in March. That was really exciting seeing the lovely cover Melody Pond produced for the book actually gracing the front. Now I'm working on my second contemporary romance - The Sweet Touch - a romance with recipes. I'm almost finished with the writing of the book but have lots of recipes to test out before including them. I plan on having one recipe at the end of each chapter, usually having something to do with whatever the heroine - Kate Bromley - is creating in her own kitchen or demonstrating to the public. I've tested some great recipes which I've ended up making several times because they taste so good. One of the recipes is a mock tuna salad that is scrumptious. Another is a no-bake fruit cobbler which I've made several times for dinners. I always think there'll be left-overs but with t