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December 2017 It's almost the New Year and I've finally figured out (with my daughter's help) how to post my blogs. So here goes another one. The main news is that my romantic comedy, "A Total Mismatch" released as an e book by Soul Mate Publishing, will go to print sometime in March. That is really exciting news for me. I had no idea that this would happen. Those readers who want a print copy of the book can sign up on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and pre-order "A Total Mismatch" by Madelaine Grant.  I know there are several people who don't have Kindles or any other devices who want to read the book. So this is an ideal choice for them. On other writing news my work-in-progress tentatively titled "The Sweet Touch" is slowly coming together. With all the busyness of the holiday season I haven't found enough writing time. I'm sure that happens to most writers at this time of year. Family and friends visiting and all the extra cooki